Deburring for industry and mechanical engineering

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Surfaces that are free of burrs and machined in the optimal way for the specific product are becoming increasingly important in industrial and machine components. Many functional part are now extremely complex and often have burrs in hard-to-reach places. Removing these burrs mechanically is only possible to a very limited extent; the process is extremely complex and cannot be reproduced manually, and the machining sometimes affects the entire workpiece.

The machining accuracy achieved by deburring with abrasive flow machining is unrivaled, and the process is suitable for all parts made from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, a wide variety of alloys, hardened parts and all standard metallic 3D printing base materials.

Our primary goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by reaching the highest quality standards. We ensure we do so through consistent, certified processes and continuous surface quality testing in our in-house test laboratory.

Deburring with abrasive flow machining is particularly suitable for:

High-pressure components and distributors, such as:

  • Marine and heavy-duty engine components
  • Hydrogen distributors and connections
  • Hydraulic components
  • Housings
  • Gearwheels
  • Nozzles and spray distributors
  • Collets


Injection-molded plastics industry, for example:

  • Tool overhauls for
  • Injection molding channels
  • Dies
  • Cooling cores

Example: Deburring a machine part

Entgraten von Maschinenbauteilen – Bild vorher Entgraten von Zahnrädern – Bild nacher

Benefit from our deburring and polishing expertise

Stäheli AG supports you throughout the entire machining process. We produce the device for holding the workpieces and develop the formulation for the abrasive paste according to the specific requirements for your material surface. We also provide you with our expert advice and knowledge.