Deburring 3D-printed parts

Utilize our expertise

Components with special functions and properties are increasingly being manufactured through 3D printing. The formation of layers in the production process leaves printed components with a rough surface on the top layers. Deburring is particularly challenging on complex components with boreholes and internal channels and surfaces.

Abrasive flow machining lets us process the internal surface roughness to improve sliding and flow characteristics, provide chamfering on openings and improve the fluidics in discharge jets on lubricant or coolant nozzles.

Example: Deburring internal channels on a 3D-printed part

Entgraten von Teilen aus dem 3D Druck – Bild vorher Entgraten von Teilen aus dem 3D Druck – Bild nachher

Benefit from our deburring and polishing expertise

Stäheli AG supports you throughout the entire machining process. We produce the device for holding the workpieces and develop the formulation for the abrasive paste according to the specific requirements for your material surface. We also provide you with our expert advice and knowledge.