Deburring for aviation, aerospace and motorsports

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Aviation and aerospace components are exposed to extreme environmental influences in terms of temperature, pressure and friction. Undefined surfaces and boreholes with burring and sharp edges are not suitable for use in such environments.

Many of the workpieces in motorsports, including functional aerodynamic parts, openings for sensors or electrical cables and gear components, for example, must be free from burring and require high-precision surface machining. At the same time, a high quality level must be maintained for each individual component.

For safety-related components especially, the high requirements for eliminating burring, rounding edges and surface quality often cannot be fulfilled without additional machining.

Deburring with abrasive flow machining is particularly suitable for:

Housing parts with:

  • A flow of coolant
  • Filter inserts
  • A lubricating function
  • Fluidics
  • Gearwheels with internal toothing


Openings for:

  • Sensors
  • Electrical cables
  • Aerodynamic functional parts
  • Gears and gear parts

Example: Deburring a gearwheel

Entgraten von Zahnrädern – Bild vorher Entgraten von Zahnrädern – Bild nacher

Benefit from our deburring and polishing expertise

Stäheli AG supports you throughout the entire machining process. We produce the device for holding the workpieces and develop the formulation for the abrasive paste according to the specific requirements for your material surface. We also provide you with our expert advice and knowledge.