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Whether it’s in medical engineering, sensor technology or aerospace: to guarantee smooth operation, precision parts require the perfect finish through deburring or polishing.

Abrasive Flow Machining:
Satisfying Precision.

Particularly when working on complex workpieces with spots, boreholes and internal surfaces that are difficult to access, abrasive flow machining is the only way to ensure even and reliable machining.

How abrasive flow
machining works.

We use a paste containing abrasive particles to remove the finest burrs and polish raw surfaces. 

This paste is repeatedly pressed through the part or guided over the surface to be machined. We build custom devices for the targeted machining of specific batches for every customer product. 

For you, that means high-quality polished surfaces, perfectly deburred edges, chamfered boreholes and openings that meet the highest quality standards.

Industrial application

deburring for medical technology
Medical Technology
Even machining to eliminate burring; chamfering or polishing of contact surfaces. Meeting hygiene and cleaning requirements. We are certified in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485.
deburring for chemicals, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs
Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Foodstuffs
Polieren von geraden und gebogenen Rohren, Anschlüssen oder Verteiler auf Ra<0.76µm (Ra<0.38µm) zur Erreichung der «Hygenic Design» Reinigungsfähigkeit. Bis 1m Länge (andere Längen auf Anfrage).
deburring for sensor technology and electronics
Sensor Technology and Electronics
Improving surface textures, chamfering edges and openings. Machining openings from 1 mm in size (smaller available on request).
deburring for aerospace and motorsports
Aerospace and Motorsports
Dimensionally stable precision machining of internal parts. Honing high-performance running surfaces and functional surfaces.
deburring for industrial components
Industrial Components
Short delivery times, economical machining for smaller and medium-size series production, flexible solutions for a wide variety of products.
deburring for 3D printing
3D Printing
Improved sliding and flow characteristics for internal surfaces and chamfering of openings.

Our quality captivates

Benefit from our leading market position and 30 years of experience in this special sector. 

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